Organic Produce Delivery

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Quick Picks
Freg Pick - Mixed Fruit & Veggie Box$39.99each
Fruit Only Box$39.99each
Mini Freg Pick - Mixed Fruit & Veggie Box$29.99each
Apples - Fuji$0.39each
Apples - Fuji - Case$0.39each
Bananas$0.71per pound
bok choy, baby$1.45per pound
cabbage - red$0.89per pound
Carrots - baby$1.20each
collard greens$1.25each
Cucumber$1.00per pound
Lettuce - Romaine Hearts$0.63each
mushrooms - white bulk$2.50per pound
Onion, Cipollini Red$2.00per pound
Pear, D'Anjou $0.40each
Yams $1.25per pound
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