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Need some good meal ideas? You will find these to be quick and easy! Questions? Contact us anytime.

The founders of Freggies are Jerrod & Nikki Sessler. Jerrod beat cancer while
eating these recipes and enjoys them still today! Learn more about his story.

Almond Butter Balls
Wonderful treat as made, refrigerated or frozen!

Almond Nut Milk
Ditch the dairy for good. Try nut milk today.

Apple Banana Royal
This is a really neat treat. Enjoy!

Applesauce Walnut Bread
Don't eat too much of this great treat!

Banana Boats
This will get you through any sweet fix!

Banana Mango Parfait
The banana section is just filled with wonderful, sweet treats!

Bean Salad
Need something heavy on the tummy? This could be just the ticket!

Black Bean Burgers
Don't let the fun and excitement of summer bbq's be diminished with lame food! Load up a great burger and grab a pickle!

Black Olive Tapenade
Need a great spread?

Blended Salad
This is possibly one of the most nutrient dense recipes in the list! Once you try a couple variations, you will be hooked!

Blender Waffles
Give these treats a try and you will never have a dairy-filled pancake or waffle again!

Broccoli Apple Salad
Yea, so it sounds weird. It would not have made it this far if it wasn't amazingly tasty!

Is there life without bruschetta?

Butternut Squash Soup
Fits the bill for warm comfort food!

Carrot Almond Soup
Quick, easy, healthy.

Cashew Coconut Dressing
Yep, cashews and coconut do work well together!

Cashew Gravy
You will enjoy this more than any greasy gravy you have ever tasted!

Chop Chop Salad
Satisfying raw version of cowboy caviar!

Chunky Tomato Dressing
This is nearly a salad on its own. Spice it up!

Cinnamon Rolls
There is still plenty of for the old fashion favorites - with a twist.

Try this along side the black bean burgers! Now were talking.

Corn Bread
It is clear that this is what corn was created for.

Couscous & Raw Veggies
Just because you can't say it doesn't mean it won't taste wonderful!

Devin's Salsa
This really is from Devin and he requires that it be made with love (sort of like a finally ingredient).

Everyday Salad
Jerrod Sessler ate over 5000 salads in the 10 years that followed a terminal cancer diagnosis. There really is no such thing as an everyday salad because every one is different!

Flax Seed Crackers
Don't be intimidated by the prep work for this one. They are amazingly easy and the dehydrator does most of the work.

French Potato Salad
This is really down home. Enjoy!

Gazpacho Stew
It doesn't take but one really good raw or nearly raw gazpacho or soup to be hooked on the expanse of flavors in the raw!

Green Bean Salad
Tasty and traditional. You supply the picnic table and lemonade.

A little south-of-the-border fix!

Hallelujah Acres Colonial Bread
Careful with this one. It is tough to count your bites with warm bread!

Honey Mustard Dressing
The toppings are 80% of a salad.

A little med kitchen anyone?

Italian Salad Dressing
This may be the quickest and tastiest salad dressings possible. Well, maybe fresh squeezed lemon is a rival...

Kitchen Sink Soup
Brung wach ya got! This one is hardy to the core.

This lasagna is one of the top three favorite things to eat!

Lemon-Zesty Zucchini with Pine Nuts
Don't let the Z vegetable scare you off. This was is really worth trying.

Coconut is most certainly one of most versatile and enjoyable foods on the planet earth.

Mock Tuna
Fill your hankering for a tuna sandwhich the healthy way!

Muesli is a hardy treat or topping with many uses.

No Lettuce Salad
This just happened one day because of a lettuce deficiency in the refer!

Orange Spinach Salad
Strawberries and bananas are like cousins. Oranges and spinach are like brothers!

Peaceful Pumpkin Bisque
Bisque = Bold Interesting Surprising Quality Unique Enjoyable!

There is something to be said for recipes with single word names. The confidence in the satisfaction they create is unbelievable.

Pico de Gallo
Wonder what that means? Don't know but it sure tastes scrumptious.

Pina Colada Smoothie
This one will make you sing!

Pineapple Boats
Even more beautiful than it is wonderful tasting.

Raw Sweet Corn Salad
Raw, organic corn really is amazingly tasty and enjoyable.

Raw Tacos
Don't let the name scare you away. You could fool even yourself with this wonderful, healthy south-of-the-border treat

Red Pepper Bisque
Delightful and versatile soup, salad dressing or dip.

Shepherd's Pie
Warm, filling and great with a glass of red wine!

Sloppy Joe Mix
Get the napkins ready. Joe is about to get sloppy!

Snow On The Mountain
This is a crowd pleaser because of the great variety. You may have also heard it called "Javenese Dinner."

Spinach Salad
This is a really satisfying and quick to make salad.

Spring Rolls with Bon Bon Dressing
Bon Bon is da bomb.

Sunshine Salad
This will light up your day, promise!

Tangerine Smoothie
Just think, smoothies were really only possible this last 50 years or so. We are so lucky!